The Americas

  • Yeltsin Sagastume on farm

    Honduras El Ocote (Fairtrade Organic)

    El Ocote is named for the conifer tree that towers over the farm of Yeltsin Sagastume. The middle of three brothers that run seven family farms and a wet milling operation on the northeastern foothills of the Santa Bárbara Mountain, Yeltsin is...

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  • Coffee trees in mist

    Peru Andean Highlands (Fairtrade)

    Coffee farmers across the northern corridor of the Peruvian Andes have a nickname for their region: “ceja de selva”, or jungle eyebrows, referring to their relative position at the top of the Amazon. This dark roast blend represents...

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  • María Perez, a staff member from Sol y Café, in a coffee field.

    Peru Sol y Café (Fairtrade Organic)

    In the northern highlands of Peru lies Jaén, a small coffee town in the Cajamarca region. While its footprint may be modest, its contribution to coffee production is as mountainous as the Andean ridge in which it rests...

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  • A close up of many hands sorting through coffee cherries.

    Guatemala Guaya'b (Fairtrade Organic Bird-Friendly)

    Guaya'b means "mutual support" in the indigenous Mayan language, Popti. Nearly all of the 600 members of this 33 year old cooperative are of Mayan descent. The cooperative invests heavily in sustainability, evident from their multiple certifications:...

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  • A closeup of green coffee cherries.

    Brazil Cerrado Highlands (Fairtrade)

    If you’re a coffee person you might be thinking, “Brazil Highlands is an oxymoron.” Well, we say whereas altitude may be absolute, Highlands are relative. In Brazil, a relatively uniform topography compared to...

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  • A hill in the Brazil Cerrado region.

    Brazil Coopfam (Fairtrade)

    Located in Poço Fundo, South Minas, Coopfam was founded over 30 years ago as an association of family farmers and in 1998 became the first Fairtrade certified coffee cooperative in the country. Today they pride themselves on...

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  • Pedro Sagastume

    Honduras Familia Sagastume (Fairtrade Organic)

    The Sagastume family lives in the small community of El Sauce along the northeastern base of the Santa Bárbara Mountain. Seven family farms are owned and managed by second generation grower, Pedro, and his adult children Heyvis, Yeltsin, Yerin and...

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  • A view across the mountains in Colombia.

    Colombia Decaf de Caña

    This is not your traditional decaf. Prior to the decaffeination process, the raw coffee passes through a stringent quality control process to ensure that it is above specialty grade and free of defects. Then the caffeine is removed with a sugarcane...

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  • Small coffee beans next to regular sized coffee.

    Colombia Angel BBs

    Peebies, aka peaberries, are coffee beans that are generally too small to meet certain size requirements for roasters. But don’t let their diminutive size fool you – these are high quality beans that would otherwise slip through the cracks on...

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