• One gift box with bright yellow, purple and blue floral pattern standing up side on an angle

    "Explore" Premium Gift Box

    Explore new flavor experiences This year our Premium Coffee Gift Box includes two delicious coffees from Africa. Kenya Rumukia Society and Ethiopia Wuri. Packaged in limited edition Coffee Tropics design, a vibrant print of coffee branches...

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  • "Cultivate” Relationship Coffee Gift Box

    Cultivate Direct Trade Relationships This year our Relationship Coffee Gift Box includes two very special relationship coffees that we love! Guatemala Guaya'b and Honduras Las Peñitas. Packaged in limited edition Coffee Tropics...

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  • “Embrace” Blends Gift Box

    Our popular blends box is back, this year featuring our Coffee Tropics design, a vibrant print of coffee branches & blossoms. This limited edition gift box is sure to brighten the dark winter nights and warm the cold winter...

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  • Red neon Open Espresso sign in store window

    Kenya Rumukia Society

    The Rumukia Farmer's Cooperative Society is a collection of eight cooperative factories, or wet mills, where coffee is collected, pulped, fermented and dried. The dry mill owned by the Rumukia FCS is located at the Thunguri factory where they also do...

  • Sleigher

    Cold winter mornings: a toe-chilling walk to ignite the flame for water. Little beans become smaller in the sound of the grinder. When combined, an elixir is created that brings speed, warmth and rushing joy to each day. This blend will bring a gilded...

  • Gimme! Coffee MiiR 16oz Bottle

    The perfect every day bottle, built for people on the go. Leak free design built with Thermo 3D™ Double Wall Vacuum Insulation these bottles keep the drink you're enjoying hot or cold for hours on end.  This one of-a-kind tumbler makes a...

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  • Gimme! Coffee Etched MiiR 8oz Tumbler

    Inspired by the timeless paper cup, Miir® Stainless Steel Tumbler is simple, easy to travel with, and fits comfortably in both your cupholder and daily routine.  This one of-a-kind tumbler makes a perfect gift for all the coffee lovers on your...

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  • Blue sky white clouds man sitting on back of truck taking pictures with phone

    Honduras Capucas

    We've been working with COCAFCAL for six years and it's been amazing to watch them flourish! They are constantly reinvesting in the cooperative and its members, as well as the community, by providing health care clinic services, education, and...

  • Close-up of a coffee plant leaf

    Myanmar Mandalay Coffee Group

    This coffee shows us what a small world we live in. A few years ago, Amy VanNocker was studying at Cornell University and wanted to prepare for the Q-Grader Certification. She joined our weekly calibration cupping and learned how to score coffee, soon...

  • Ethiopia Wuri

    The Wuri washing station continues to bring innovative processing techniques to Ethiopia. It's the first washing station to offer anaerobic fermentation (washed) processing, and is working toward honey processed lots. When we first tasted this coffee,...

  • Kenya Gakuyu-ini

    The Gakuyu-ini wet mill is east of Nyeri in the Kirinyaga growing region. This region also has nutrient rich, volcanic soil but with higher rainfall due to a bi-annual rainy season. These ideal growing conditions, paired with meticulous processing...

  • Colombian high mountain range peaks vista

    Colombia Finca Alto Cielo

    This is our second year working with Faiber Chala. After only a couple weeks of having his coffee in-house we got in touch about his next lot. He offered us his entire harvest, and we took him up on his offer. We're pretty excited to share this coffee...