• Green coffee bags in the warehouse.

    Kenya Tambaya

    This coffee comes from the Nyeri region of Central Kenya. Grown by small farmholders throughout the region, this lot comes from the Tambaya factory, a facility where coffees are processed and sorted for quality before being combined for export lots. The...

  • A coffee farmer riding a horse in front of a fence and distant hills

    Brazil Santo Andre

    This coffee comes from Fazenda Santo Andre, located in the Cerrado region of Brazil. The Cerrado region is well known for producing sweet, beloved coffees with big body and rich chocolaty notes, with this coffee adding notes of creamy peanut butter for a...

  • Two Gimme-branded 12oz bags of coffee with three black & white Gimme branded boxes with undulating lines pattern.

    Relationship Coffees Gift Box

    Our limited edition relationship Gift Box designed by Gimme barista Caleb Harrington. Includes two very special Relationship coffees that we love! Peru Chirinos and Honduras Las Peñitas. This limited edition gift box is sure to make any coffee...

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  • Two Gimme-branded 12oz coffee bags in front of three stacked Gimme-branded boxes in red and white with undulating lines design.

    Blends Gift Box

    Make someone smile with this limited edition Gift Box designed by Gimme barista Caleb Harrington. Includes Leftist & Thriller Blends. This limited edition gift box is sure to make any coffee lover happy. Thriller blend is a rush of high fruit notes...

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  • A black and white Gimme-branded tin of Cascara against a white background.

    Guatemala La Bolsa Cascara

    We have been working with Maria Elena & Renardo Ovalle Vides' Finca La Bolsa in Guatamela for 3 years now. We are super excited to not only have coffee from the Vides' this year, but also their dried coffee cherries, known as cascara!The dried fruit...

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  • Stargazer


    A clear night sky and coffee - daily simple pleasures that can give peaceful security through their regularity or suddenly ground us in awe. Either way, it's awesome. Crispy chocolate and complex mandarin marmalade, gulp it or sip in wonder - there's no...

  • Ethiopia Guji

    Ethiopia Guji

    This lot comes from the Guracho washing station in the Guji zone located in southwest Ethiopia, close enough to Yirgacheffe to share some delicious terroir characteristics, such as florals, sweet orange, lime and lemon. This lot brings a big juicy body...

  • Landscape on a coffee farm: a river rushes through a stony bed, surrounded by vivid green mountains fading to blue in the distance

    The Natural

    This blend takes inspiration from natural processed coffees, which are dried inside the coffee cherry after harvest. The result is increased fruit character and a fuller body picked up from the pectins in the coffee cherry. This blend features...

  • Coffee cherries ripening, from green to orange to red, on the same branch.

    Brazil Cerrado

    This coffee is from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Located in the plateaus of the Cerrado ecosystem, coffees from this region are known for their nutty, chocolaty flavor profiles, with this particular coffee showing exceptional consistency and a...

  • Image of Ben Carlson, owner of Long Miles Coffee, standing among coffee trees and looking up at something out of frame.

    Burundi Long Miles Coffee Project

    This is our fourth year working with the Long Miles Coffee Project, founded by Ben and Kristy Carlson. They’ve slowly gained the trust of coffee farmers with their reputable business practices and unwavering vision to show the world the potential...

  • Close-up of the hopper of an espresso grinder full of coffee, with an espresso tamper resting on the lid


    As Darkness falls across the land, grab a cup of coffee that matches your mood. With toasted sugars and brownie sweetness, our darkest blend is roasted through second crack, resulting in a silky, heavy mouthfeel that balances the bitter cocoa finish...

  • A branch of coffee cherries, silhouetted by the sun setting behind a distant mountainside


    A rush of high fruit notes followed by a finish of heavy dark chocolate creates a wild ride with the perfect balance to make you crave another cup. Thriller - no mere mortal can resist! Each of our blends starts with a flavor idea. Our coffee team takes...