Highlands (Dark Roasts)

  • Coffee trees in mist

    Peru Andean Highlands (Fairtrade)

    Coffee farmers across the northern corridor of the Peruvian Andes have a nickname for their region: “ceja de selva”, or jungle eyebrows, referring to their relative position at the top of the Amazon. This dark roast blend represents...

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  • A closeup of green coffee cherries.

    Brazil Cerrado Highlands (Fairtrade)

    If you’re a coffee person you might be thinking, “Brazil Highlands is an oxymoron.” Well, we say whereas altitude may be absolute, Highlands are relative. In Brazil, a relatively uniform topography compared to...

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  • A building at Kenya Kabngetuny.

    Kenya Kericho Highlands (Fairtrade)

    Kericho County may not have the same prominence in the coffee world as its not-too-distant cousin to the east, Nyeri County, but in the last decade it has established itself as a standard of excellence. The future of certified coffee from Kenya depends...

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  • A cat sitting on a motorcycle.

    Sumatra Gayo Highlands (Fairtrade Organic)

    Sumatra is the largest island in Western Indonesia and, through a combination of its volcanic soil and rainforest climate, produces some of the most well known and unique coffees in the world. Further adding to its already distinct flavor profile, coffee...

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