• A person in an acrobatic position making a chemex.

    Coloring Book Pages

    Gimme something to do at home! Free coloring book pages to download and color.  Don't want to go through checkout? Click to download: Cookie and Chemex.

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  • Red tshirt with white Gimme! Coffee logo on front

    Gimme! Coffee Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

    Ships free! Multiple colors available. Show your Gimme pride with this short-sleeve unisex t-shirt. It feels soft and lightweight, with the right amount of stretch. In a wide variety of sizes and colors, it's comfortable and flattering for any...

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  • A French Press and a bag of Stargazer.

    Duncan's French Press Brew Kit (Cold Brew)

    A brew kit including a Bodum Chambord French Press and a 12oz bag of Stargazer whole bean coffee. Duncan, our Wholesale Education and Sales Associate, put this brew kit together. He says: I drink cold brew all year round. Like, end-of-January,...

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  • A French Press and a bag of Guatemala Guaya'b.

    Kevin's French Press Brew Kit (Hot Brew)

    A brew kit including a Bodum Chambord French Press and a 12oz bag of Guatemala Guaya'b whole bean coffee. Kevin, our Head Trainer, put this brew kit together. He says: I love brewing at home with the French Press because it’s easy and delicious...

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  • An Aeropress, filters, and a bag of coffee.

    Sarah's AeroPress Brew Kit

    A brew kit including an Aeropress brewer, filter pack, and a 12oz bag of Peru Rutas del Inca whole bean coffee. Sarah, a barista at our MLK Street cafe, put this brew kit together. She says: When I’m looking for a full-bodied, complex cup of...

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  • Clever Coffee Brewer

    Clever Coffee Brewer

    Why's it called the Clever? Because its smart design makes it easy to brew a perfect cup of coffee. Here's what you do: put your filter and coffee in the Clever and pour the water over it. As long as the Clever is sitting on the counter, it stays...

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  • Chemex Classic Coffeemaker - 6 cup/30oz

    Chemex Classic Coffeemaker - 6 cup/30oz

    Love is one part chemistry, one part intuition. So it's no surprise that Chemex® blends astute science with fine art to deliver a rich pure coffee you just can't live without.  We promise it's the best cup you've ever had, each and...

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  • Bodum Chambord French Press - 32oz

    Bodum Chambord French Press - 32oz

    In terms of excellent coffee brewing, manual labor is the way to go. The Bodum Chambord French Press press lets the coffee beans develop their fullest aroma so it does not come as a surprise that it is one of the brewing methods of choice for...

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  • AeroPress


    With total immersion brewing, the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker produces uniform extraction for the ultimate in full coffee flavor. Fast and convenient, the AeroPress makes one of the best cups of coffee you'll ever taste. This...

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  • Front view of black Miir Cup with white "Happy Roaster" illustration and

    Happy Roaster Miir Camping Cup

    With a modern take on Grandpa's old camp cup, Miir® is the coolest camping cup you'll even own. Insulation means you won't burn your hands (or melt your face). Now with our original "Happy Roaster" design, your daily coffee cup will make you...

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  • Two grey Porter mugs with the Gimme! Coffee logo.

    Gimme! Coffee Porter Mug

    The Porter Mug is a beautifully crafted ceramic mug wrapped in high-quality silicone with a silky feel. Break up with your single-use cups with this stylish budget-friendly reusable.    Features 12 or 16 fluid ounces Engraved Gimme!...

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  • A white bottle with an etched silver Gimme Coffee logo.

    Gimme! Coffee MiiR 16oz Etched Bottle

    The perfect every day bottle, built for people on the go. The leak free design with Thermo 3D™ Double Wall Vacuum Insulation means that these bottles keep the drink you're enjoying hot or cold for hours on end. Features 16 fluid ounces Laser...

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