• Growing coffee plants.

    Honduras La Aguja (Fairtrade Organic)

    The farm of Heyvis Sagastume is one of seven that contribute to our Familia Sagastume blend, and is one of eighty-three farms that are part of the Cielito Lindo cooperative. The Sagastumes take meticulous care in their coffee...

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  • A barista cleans a portafilter in preparation for making espresso

    Leftist Espresso (Fairtrade Organic)

    For over 20 years our baristas have pulled shots of Leftist all day, every day - so can you blame us for being obsessed with it? The name Leftist derives from a rationally fundamentalist interpretation of coffee blending: complementary single origin...

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  • A close up of red coffee cherries.

    To: You, From: Me (Fairtrade Organic)

    Our organic holiday blend, with a fill-in-the-blank back label to use as a personal greeting:  Dear __________ ,What a/n __________ year! Because you aresuch a/n _____________ _____________ ,I wanted to wish you a/n __________________________ in...

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  • Drying beds at Rwanda Abakundakawa.

    Rwanda Abakundakawa (Fairtrade Organic)

    Abakundukawa is a cooperative society of over 2,000 smallholder coffee growers in the Gakenke district in Northern Rwanda. Meaning “people who love coffee”, Abakundakawa has spent the last two decades growing coffee sales...

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  • A hammock hanging on a patio.

    Deep Disco (Fairtrade Organic)

    Reunited and it feels so good. Our roasters revived a retro favorite from days past, reminding us, thankfully, that disco ain’t dead. This polyrhythmic blend is one coffee roasted two ways and then remixed to boogie. Featuring all of the old school...

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  • A view across the mountains in Colombia.

    Colombia Decaf de Caña

    This is not your traditional decaf. Prior to the decaffeination process, the raw coffee passes through a stringent quality control process to ensure that it is above specialty grade and free of defects. Then the caffeine is removed with a sugarcane...

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  • Coffee in the cooling tray of a roaster.

    Eternal Flame (Fairtrade)

    A blend so nice we cracked it twice. Eternal Flame is our go to dark roast perfect for long mornings and late evenings. Our roasters balance science, art and magic to take the coffee past the sugar development stage (first crack) into the carbon...

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