• Person cupping coffee

    Honduras Angel BBs (Fairtrade Organic)

    Some coffee beans are graded as too small to meet certain export requirements. But don't let the diminutive size of these Angel BBs fool you! These are high quality beans that would otherwise slip through the cracks on the coffee sorting table and result...

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  • Heyvis Sagastume

    Honduras La Aguja (Fairtrade Organic)

    La Aguja is the name of the farm owned by Heyvis Sagastume, the oldest of three brothers who run seven family farms and a wet milling operation on the northeastern foothills of the Santa Bárbara mountain.This microlot offering consists solely of...

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  • A barista cleans a portafilter in preparation for making espresso

    Leftist Espresso (Fairtrade Organic)

    For over 20 years our baristas have pulled shots of Leftist all day, every day - so can you blame us for being obsessed with it? The name Leftist derives from a rationally fundamentalist interpretation of coffee blending: complementary single origin...

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  • María Perez, a staff member from Sol y Café, in a coffee field.

    Peru Sol y Café (Fairtrade Organic)

    In the northern highlands of Peru lies Jaén, a small coffee town in the Cajamarca region. While its footprint may be modest, its contribution to coffee production is as mountainous as the Andean ridge in which it rests...

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  • A hammock hanging on a patio.

    Deep Disco (Fairtrade Organic)

    Reunited and it feels so good. Our roasters revived a retro favorite from days past, reminding us, thankfully, that disco ain’t dead. This polyrhythmic blend is one coffee roasted two ways and then remixed to boogie. Featuring all of the old school...

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  • small structure with drying coffee on patio in front

    Mexico Decaf de Agua (Fairtrade Organic)

    Not all decaf coffees are created equal nor are they treated with the care and intention that we believe they should. We source the coffee according to our ethical and quality control standards prior to the decaffeination process, ensuring that high...

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  • Coffee in the cooling tray of a roaster.

    Eternal Flame (Fairtrade)

    A blend so nice we cracked it twice. Eternal Flame is our go to dark roast perfect for long mornings and late evenings. Our roasters balance science, art and magic to take the coffee past the sugar development stage (first crack) into the carbon...

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