Leftist Espresso (Fairtrade Organic)

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Tasting Notes:
dark chocolate, cherry, sweet toffee, spiced finish
organic, fairtrade

Leftist is our signature espresso blend; our baristas pull shots of it every day in each of our cafes. While this mix of single-origin coffees is optimized for espresso, we've crafted it so it tells a story with any extraction method.

We look for a sweet, balanced, complex and rich cup from Leftist, ideally with characteristics of ripe fruit, a wide range of long lasting sugars, and a depth of chocolate and spice ending with a clean finish.

We are constantly collecting information from our stores, wholesale clients and customers on how Leftist is tasting along with our rigorous Quality Control cycle. Our baristas evaluate Leftist daily against our flavor target and we review this information weekly in a QC session where we make adjustments to the roast to keep everything consistently delicious.

Organic: Yes
Fairtrade: Yes