Leftist Espresso (Fairtrade Organic)

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Tasting Notes:
dark chocolate, cherry, sweet toffee, spiced finish
organic, fairtrade

For over 20 years our baristas have pulled shots of Leftist all day, every day - so can you blame us for being obsessed with it? The name Leftist derives from a rationally fundamentalist interpretation of coffee blending: complementary single origin coffees that tell a consistently unique story with any extraction method.

When expertly dialed in as an espresso, Leftist showcases nuances of dark chocolate, cherry and warm baking spices. A novice coffee brewer will be treated with sweet, clean and balanced experience. So no matter where you find yourself along the Leftist Rainbow Road, you’re in good company.

Region: Central America, South America
Sustainability: Certified Organic and Fairtrade