Eternal Flame (Fairtrade)

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Tasting Notes:
dark chocolate, toasted nuts, hints of smoke
dark roast

A blend so nice we cracked it twice. Eternal Flame is our go to dark roast perfect for long mornings and late evenings. Our roasters balance science, art and magic to take the coffee past the sugar development stage (first crack) into the carbon development stage (second crack), developing complex bitter flavor compounds that only a dark roast lover could love. Eternal because dark roasts are forever. Flame because... well, c’mon.

As part of our Rally Blends series, a portion of the proceeds from all sales of Eternal Flame provides unrestricted funding for non-profit and grassroots organizations local to Gimme and our producer partners working toward sustainable, equitable and long-term change.

Regions: South America
Sustainability: Certified Fairtrade