• Hands holding a mug.

    Base Layer

    From the moment you wake up on a cold winter morning until you first step into the cold frigid air, every winter day begins with a base layer. Like your first moments fireside, your favorite sweatshirt or old tattered flannel, sometimes a warm cup of...

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  • Front view of black Miir Cup with white "Happy Roaster" illustration and

    Happy Roaster Miir Camping Cup

    With a modern take on Grandpa's old camp cup, Miir® is the coolest camping cup you'll even own. Insulation means you won't burn your hands (or melt your face). Now with our original "Happy Roaster" design, your daily coffee cup will make you...

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  • 32oz squat amber growler with white "wave" design and

    Gimme Wave Cold Brew Growler

    Catch the Gimme Wave. Limited edition Gimme Wave designed by our barista Caleb Harrington. Gorgeous amber growler is ready to be filled with your favorite cold brew. And just like your love of coffee, the high quality screen...

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