Stargazer (Fairtrade Organic)

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Tasting Notes:
candied almonds, chocolate, raspberry preserves, butterscotch
fairtrade, organic

Like thousands of stars beaming majestic light through the dark expansive reaches of the cosmos and laying themselves across your wandering gaze. Stargazer is a wondrous journey of flavor, announcing bright and sparkling notes of sweet fruit which fade to dense blanket of chocolate, creating a complex but well balanced experience. Stargazer is a perennial favorite that perfectly complements the serenity of the Finger Lakes.

As part of our Rally Blends series, a portion of the proceeds from all sales of Stargazer provides unrestricted funding for non-profit and grassroots organizations local to Gimme and our producer partners working toward sustainable, equitable and long-term change.

Region: Central America, South America, East Africa
Sustainability: Certified Organic and Fairtrade