Righteous Espresso (Fairtrade Organic)

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Tasting Notes:
fruit leather, honeyed hibiscus, rich butterscotch, punchy
fairtrade organic

In coffee, as in life, we believe flavor is expression and extraction is fluid. With this in mind we created Righteous as a complement to our signature Leftist; as a co-conspirator for any coffee program that is anything but binary.

Righteous puts bright fruitiness and complexity on the marquee while still serving balance, subtlety and grace. We love this blend because of its versatility and how easily it transitions between brew methods. As an espresso you can taste multiple layers of pomegranate, key lime rock candy and chocolate mousse. Brewed with a filter yields notes of sun kissed stone fruit and raspberries in a raw honey mask. The type of coffee that will make any brewer a believer.

Regions: South America, East Africa
Sustainability: Certified Organic and Fairtrade