• Guatemala Guaya'b

    Guatemala Guaya'b

    We've been working with the Guaya'b Cooperative for eight years, and going strong. Last year we were able to assist the coop with quality assessment process by sharing preparation protocols during the visit and then sending, through...

  • Honduras Capucas Mejia Familia

    Honduras Capucas Mejia Familia

    This is our fourth year working with Angel, and third year working with his sister Marta. Once again, we have combined their coffees to create this family blend featuring comforting vanilla and chocolate, sweet cherry and a clean finish. PlaceProducer:...

  • The Natural Blend

    The Natural Blend

    This blend takes inspiration from natural processed coffees, which are dried inside the coffee cherry after harvest. The result is increased fruit character and a fuller body picked up from the pectins in the coffee cherry. This blend features...