Mt Pleasant Coffee Pods (Fairtrade Organic)

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Tasting Notes:
maple candy, trail mix, pine sap, balance
10 compostable single serve pods of organic coffee

As change is the only constant, we wish you inner peace and safe journey along your path. Mt. Pleasant is a local landmark here in Ithaca, serving as a corridor to the region’s most beautiful natural areas and botanical gardens as well as a gateway to the sky. While its apex is only 1500 ft, it’s the getting there that truly takes your breath away - restoring calm as you keep it moving. And what could be more pleasant than that?

As part of our Rally Blends series, a portion of the proceeds from all sales of Mt. Pleasant provides unrestricted funding for non-profit and grassroots organizations local to Gimme and our producer partners working toward sustainable, equitable and long-term change.

Base Coffees: Honduras Familia Sagastume, Sumatra Ketiara, and Ethiopia Dame Dabaye Natural
Sustainability: Organic