New Highlands Coffee Series

Posted by Colleen Anunu on 05/14/2020

New Highlands Coffee Series from Gimme

There is something new under the sun for coffee drinkers who love dark roasted coffees as much as they love coffees with a sense of place. We’re excited to announce our new Highlands coffee series: regionally specific blends with intricate flavor profiles, sourced from individual farmer groups and roasted to a degree that brings pleasing depth and complex richness to your mug.

This Isn’t Your Grandpa’s Red Can

We put the same amount of care in developing a roast profile for our Highlands coffees as we do for our other single origins and blends. While some companies over roast their coffees to mask undesirable characteristics, we are focused on creating certain flavors and aromatics that can only be achieved with immaculate green coffee as the base and then the right application of heat for the right length of time. Roasty is tasty if done right.

What’s In the Series?

Kenya Nyeri Highlands forgoes the pronounced acidity for which Kenyan coffees are known, and highlights the sweetness of black currant, dark chocolate and shiraz. Burundi Kayanza Highlands accentuates the richness of burnt caramel, browned butter and toasted almonds. Both are enjoyable on their own, or, if you’re like me, take kindly to a splash of oat milk in a favorite chair by the window.