• Close-up of coffee cherries on a branch

    Ethiopia Dame Dabaya

    This naturally processed coffee comes from the Dame Dabaya washing station in the Guji zone. Naturally processed coffees are dried right in the ripe cherry after it's been picked, resulting in a syrupy body from the extra sugars and strong red fruit...

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  • Coffee drying beds made out of tree branches

    Ethiopia Guracho

    This lot comes from the Guracho washing station in the Guji zone located in southwest Ethiopia. It’s close enough to Yirgacheffe to share some delicious terroir characteristics, such as florals and sweet citrus. This lot brings a big juicy body...

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  • Drying beds at Githaithi.

    Kenya Githaithi

    Grown in Murang’a County in Central Kenya, an area known for its rich soil and exceptional coffee quality. This washed coffee is fermented in concrete tanks and then allowed to dry slowly in the sun on large tables where the coffee is frequently...

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  • A close up of red coffee cherries.

    Kenya Githiru

    Grown in the heart of Central Kenya in Nyeri County where red volcanic soil from the now extinct Mount Kenya Volcano produces some of the highest quality coffee in the country. Coffee from the Githiru Farmer's Cooperative Society is typically grown on...

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