• coffee farms in valley

    Burundi Turihamwe

    Turihamwe means “together” in Kirundi and is the name of Burundi’s first washing station built and owned exclusively by women farmers. With support of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance and importer, JNP Coffee, the...

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  • Sorting ripe coffee cherries on a drying bed.

    Burundi Ngozi Highlands

    The northern region of Ngozi province has been one of the major successes of the Burundian specialty coffee industry over the last decade. In spite of, or perhaps because of, their remoteness from any major city, the coffee growers in Ngozi are known for...

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  • Drying beds at Rwanda Abakundakawa.

    Rwanda Abakundakawa (Fairtrade Organic)

    Abakundukawa is a cooperative society of over 2,000 smallholder coffee growers in the Gakenke district in Northern Rwanda. Meaning “people who love coffee”, Abakundakawa has spent the last two decades growing coffee sales...

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