• Image of Ben Carlson, owner of Long Miles Coffee, standing among coffee trees and looking up at something out of frame.

    Burundi Long Miles Coffee Project

    This is our fourth year working with the Long Miles Coffee Project, founded by Ben and Kristy Carlson. They’ve slowly gained the trust of coffee farmers with their reputable business practices and unwavering vision to show the world the potential...

  • Ethiopia Guji

    Ethiopia Guji

    This lot comes from the Guracho washing station in the Guji zone located in southwest Ethiopia, close enough to Yirgacheffe to share some delicious terroir characteristics, such as florals, sweet orange, lime and lemon. This lot brings a big juicy body...

  • Green coffee bags in the warehouse.

    Kenya Tambaya

    This coffee comes from the Nyeri region of Central Kenya. Grown by small farmholders throughout the region, this lot comes from the Tambaya factory, a facility where coffees are processed and sorted for quality before being combined for export lots. The...