• Kenya Kiangundo

    Kenya Kiangundo

    This coffee from the Kiangundo wet mill is a shining example of the uniquely sweet and complex coffees grown in the Nyeri region of central Kenya. The region's high elevation and volcanic soil high in phosphorous allow coffee cherries to develop slowly,...

  • Kenya Tambaya

    Kenya Tambaya

    This coffee comes from the Nyeri region of Central Kenya. Grown by small farmholders throughout the region, this lot comes from the Tambaya factory, a facility where coffees are processed and sorted for quality before being combined for export lots. The...

  • Burundi Kalico

    Burundi Kalico

    The Kahawa Link Company (Kalico) was started by two friends, Angele Ciza and Consolata Ndayishimiye, in 2012. Starting with seven washing stations and a goal to export some of Burundi's finest coffees, Kalico helps local producers with processing and...