December Coffee Releases: Burundi Long Miles Coffee Project and Brazil Cerrado

December Coffee Releases: Burundi Long Miles Coffee Project and Brazil Cerrado

Posted by Kevin Wilsea on 12/01/2016

We are incredibly excited to introduce two new coffees in December, one coffee from our friends at the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi, along with one from Brazil. Both of these coffees have quickly created a buzz in our roastery, and we are incredibly excited to share them with you!

Burundi Long Miles Coffee Project

The Long Miles Coffee Project was founded by Ben and Kristy Carlson in 2011. The project originally began with the creation of a washing station, and has since grown to two washing stations that facilitate direct relationships between coffee roasters and growers, in hopes of showing the world the true potential of Burundian coffee. To do this, the Project has implemented strict quality standards for coffee processing to increase coffee quality. Each of the Project’s washing stations have individual teams dedicated to cherry selection, quality monitoring, farmer reception and coffee production. This coffee comes from the Nkonge Hill, where water from the nearby Kibira Rainforest is used to pulp and ferment the coffee, before a team of 60 women oversee the 20-30 day drying process. The Hill’s high elevation creates a harder, slower growing bean, developing an incredibly sweet and floral cup of coffee. This is the third year we have worked with the Carlsons and the Long Miles Coffee Project, and we’ve highly anticipated the return of this wonderful coffee from Burundi! Learn more about Ben and Kristy Carlson, and the Long Miles Coffee Project at Photo credit: Long Miles Coffee Project.

Brazil Cerrado

A man uses a small tractor to rake coffee on a large drying patio

This coffee comes to us from the Folhados Estate, located in the plateaus of the Brazilian Cerrado. The Cerrado is the country’s second largest ecosystem, behind the Amazon Rainforest. The elevation of these plateaus make it possible to harvest some trees mechanically, allowing for a balance of both quality AND quantity. With a classic nutty, chocolaty flavor profile, we’ve fallen in love with this coffee because of its exceptional creamy body and consistency. Photo credit: BraCosta Coffee. 

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