Fairly Traded

  • Peru Chirinos

    Peru Chirinos

    This is our fifth year working with the Chirinos Cooperative in Peru. Consisting of over 400 members, the Cooperative focuses its efforts on helping producers with the lowest coffee scores, as a result increasing overall quality and prosperity annually...

  • The Natural

    The Natural

    This blend takes inspiration from natural processed coffees, which are dried inside the coffee cherry after harvest. The result is increased fruit character and a fuller body picked up from the pectins in the coffee cherry. This blend features...

  • Colombia La Primavera Decaf

    Colombia La Primavera Decaf

    This is not your traditional decaf. We approve the green coffee before it is decaffeinated to ensure that it is above specialty grade and free of defects. Caffeine is removed with a sugarcane molasses solvent to keep the coffee tasting like coffee. Best...