Tomas's Chemex Brew Kit

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A brew kit including Chemex brewer, filters, and a 12oz bag of Kenya Endebess Estate whole bean coffee. Tomas, our Equipment Technician, put this brew kit together. He says:

I really got hooked on the Chemex for brewing at home.

It seems like every coffee keeps its personality while the process is fairly straightforward.

When I travel I take my whole setup with me - water kettle, Chemex, grinder, filters, scale and coffee. Lately that has been the Kenia Endebess Estate. Wonderful.

I use a hand grinder which I dutifully adjust depending how hard the water is I'm using (I test that by washing my hands with soap and observe how fast the soap washes off).

By now I know my grinder volume well enough to know how much 30 grams look like and I grind while the water is heating. Just before water is to temp (203F - 206F) I soak my filter and warm the Chemex. After dumping the water with the paper taste I put in my grounds, shake flat and start pouring for the bloom - about twice the amount of water than coffee. I wait half a minute and start pouring another 3.5 oz, then wait and pour some more before the coffee bed gets dry. There is a little knobby on the Chemex and I look to be just short of that but one can stop shorter than that and have some different taste characteristics that way. Longer has never tasted good to me.

I leave the filter on the Chemex during and after swirling and after pouring because it keeps the heat in.

If one has the right brush it is a breeze to clean the glass. If not it requires shaking the hot water with a little detergent.

That's my story. Took me longer to write than to brew one up.

REGION: Northern Rift Valley
VARIETY: Ruiru 11, Batian, SL-28, SL-34
PROCESS: Natural
ALTITUDE: 1,750 - 1,900 meters above sea level
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