Single Origin Gift Box (Fairtrade Organic)

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Celebrate single origin coffee with this gift box, containing two terrific Fairtrade Organic coffees from our partners: Guatemala Guaya'b and Rwanda Abakundukawa. These coffees come from cooperatives that invest in education and sustainability for their members; we're delighted to be able to contribute to their projects through our Fairtrade premiums.

Rwanda Abakundukawa: Abakundukawa is a cooperative society of over 2,000 smallholder coffee growers in the Gakenke district in Northern Rwanda. Meaning “people who love coffee”, Abakundakawa has spent the last two decades growing coffee sales and using Fairtrade premiums to support community development by building local infrastructure and implementing community projects like supplying fresh water to a local hospital. The cooperative also provides its members with health insurance and has partnered with an NGO to give all its members dairy cows, making strides toward improving food security in the region.

Guatemala Guaya'b: Guaya'b means "mutual support" in the indigenous Mayan language, Popti. Nearly all of the 600 members of this 33 year old cooperative are of Mayan descent. The cooperative invests heavily in sustainability, evident from their multiple certifications: Smithsonian Bird Friendly, Organic, and Fairtrade. The coffee is grown under lush shade canopies which create habitats for native and migratory bird species; promoting biodiversity and fostering healthy ecosystems. In our 11th year purchasing coffee from this cooperative in northern Guatemala, this year's harvest is a stunner: syrupy chocolate with complex stone fruit accenting the cup make for great brews and amazing espresso.


  • One 12oz bag of Fairtrade Organic Rwanda Abakundukawa
  • One 12oz bag of Fairtrade Organic Smithsonian Bird-Friendly Guatemala Guaya'b
  • Whole bean coffee
  • Coffee patterned gift box, designed by Zac, Gimme's Production Roaster. This design is based on photos by the Gimme! Coffee team.