Sarah's AeroPress Brew Kit

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A brew kit including an Aeropress brewer, filter pack, and a 12oz bag of Peru Rutas del Inca whole bean coffee. Sarah, a barista at our MLK Street cafe, put this brew kit together. She says:

When I’m looking for a full-bodied, complex cup of coffee, I reach for my Aeropress. Since you’re literally pressing the brewed coffee through the filter, the action is similar to an espresso machine using pressure to extract the wonderful and delicate flavors of a single-origin. For the best coffee you’ll ever have, remember to pre-wet the filter to remove the papery taste. Be a barista in your own home and weigh out the coffee grounds and water in grams. Let the coffee extract in the Aeropress chamber with the plunger on top to create a vacuum seal for about 90 seconds before pressing. Every year, I find our Peru Rutas del Inca hits the mark with its strong dark chocolatey body and sweet blackberry undertones. On Aeropress, these flavor notes are at their absolute best; it’s become my favorite to brew on Aeropress of all the coffees on our roster, and we think it will be yours too.

COOPERATIVE: Rutas del Inca 
REGION: Chota, Cajamarca 
ALTITUDE: 1,800 - 2,400 meters above sea level 
VARIETY: Caturra, Typica, Paches, Bourbon 

Direct Trade Relationship: Yes
Shade Grown: Yes
Fairtrade: Yes
Organic: Yes