Sandy's Clever Brew Kit

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A brew kit including a Clever Brewer, Melitta #4 Filters, and a 12oz bag of Base Layer whole bean coffee. Sandy, our Director of Education, put this brew kit together. She says:

The Clever brewer has a special place in my heart. The hybrid filtered pour over and immersion style brew method makes a full bodied, but clean cup of coffee. That may sound complicated, but brewing a clever is so simple and makes the perfect amount of coffee for one cup with no waste. The more delicate notes in the coffee are not lost among the richer flavors that this brew method showcases. Plus, the way that little plunger does its job sealing the Clever while the coffee brews then easily popping up to drain when ready has impressed many a spectator!  

I am drinking the seasonal blend, Base Layer, brewed with my clever and it is really hitting the spot now that the snow is starting to fall. The notes of baking spices and brown sugar are so warm and welcoming and the pops of cranberry and rich chocolate toffee are just delicious together! 

A couple tips to brew an excellent cup with a clever: if your coffee takes longer than a total of 4.5 minutes from first pouring water to finishing draining, try a coarser grind. If it takes under 3.5 minutes, try a finer grind. The amount of time the coffee has to extract, or brew, makes a large impact on the flavor. 

Shade Grown: Yes