Processing Methods Gift Box

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Explore coffee processing methods with this gift box containing coffee from a single origin, processed two different ways: Organic Ethiopia Dame Dabaye, a favorite of the Gimme staff! These two coffees are great examples of their respective processes, so this gift box is an opportunity to get a clear picture of how the different processes affect flavor profiles. You'll notice that the natural processed coffee is a little brighter, with more citrusy and tropical sweetness, and the washed is a little softer with some apple, stone fruit, and even some subtle chocolate notes. 

Base Layer Blend: This naturally processed coffee comes from the Dame Dabaye washing station in the Guji zone, one of the most unique and exciting coffee growing regions in the world. After the coffee has been picked, it is sun-dried in the ripe cherries on raised beds, yielding a particularly bright and syrupy body from the extra sugars and strong red fruit flavors found in the skin of the fruit. This offering comes from Sibu Coffee who has been producing and exporting coffee in the region for over 20 years and places a strong emphasis on quality and traceability. 

Ethiopia Dame Dabaye Washed: This washed coffee comes from Sibu Coffee who have been working extensively with farmers in the Guji zone in Southern Ethiopia for over 20 years. Placing an emphasis on socially responsible business practices and traceability, Sibu not only operates multiple washing stations in the region, including Dame Dabaye, they also invest in the surrounding community including recent school renovations and providing resources to expand fresh water availability. This coffee shines with its crisp body and soft citrus acidity! 



  • One 12oz bag of Ethiopia Dame Dabaye Washed (Organic)
  • One 12oz bag of Ethiopia Dame Dabaye Natural (Organic)
  • Whole bean coffee
  • Red Gimme-branded box