Porcelain 12oz Latte Cup & Saucer

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Made in Italy, this glossy cup & saucer set is the perfect way to drink your latte. Our large cup holds 12 ounces, just right for your latte, your morning cafe au lait, or your after-dinner ice cream. Both cup and saucer are made of professional-grade porcelain that's thick, sturdy, and retains heat well, that's why we use these cups at our own espresso bars. The Gimme logo is baked right into the cup, so it will never chip or wear. And when you lift the cup to take a sip, you'll see the exclamation point on the custom saucer. Sweet!


  • Made by d'Ancap in Italy
  • Hard porcelain with inglaze firing
  • 12 ounces
  • Glossy glaze
  • Gimme logo on cup
  • Gimme exclamation point on saucer
  • Microwave-safe