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Tasting Notes:
key lime, cherry brown butter bar, chocolate custard, strawberry
shade grown

Parhelia are the great wonders of light that appear as bright spots or halos beside the sun as its rays are refracted by ice crystals laying low in the atmosphere. As we wander ever forward through the cavernous months of winter we can take solace in these fleeting but tranquil moments of luminous beauty brought on by the cold. Gazing upon this celestial brightness as it cascades ever gently across the frozen horizon, we are reminded that warmer times lie ahead. Befitting of this phenomenon of light, we created Parhelia to be bright, bold and fruit forward, a brief respite of flavor to awaken the palate as we watch the winter days grow ever longer and slowly yield to the eternal hope of spring. Enjoy!

Brew Notes
Great with any brew method!

Shade grown: Yes