Panama Hortigal Estate

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Tasting Notes:
butterscotch, boysenberry, spiced orange marmalade
women owned & operated

Hortigal Estate has been in Eira Maria Suarez's family since 1920. She takes great pride in maintaining quality standards from growing, harvesting, following the lot to the dry mill, giving specific directions for milling and the rest period. The Boquete region is most famous for lots grown with the Gesha variety. We have a sweet spot for the Typica variety, which has complex fruit and intense florals like the Gesha variety but a bigger body. Enjoy! 

lFARM: Hortigal Estate
PRODUCER: Eira Maria Suarez

REGION: Boquete
ALTITUDE: 1,400 - 1,600 meters above sea level 
PROCESS: Washed, sun dried, machine dried

Shade Grown: Yes