Wholesale Cupping - Brooklyn

Wholesale Cupping - Brooklyn
February 13
By daralyn.kelleher

It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon in Brooklyn, and I said to myself, "you know what would make this day even better? There's only one thing: a coffee tasting!"

I boldly marched down to our Roebling Street location, and brazenly strolled into the coffee lab, where alas, it was time for me to meet my fate. As is the case with most heroes, I had an accomplice in my endeavor. Her name was Sarah Leslie. But, for the purpose of this blog, I shall only refer to her as: "The Coffee Whisperer."

I walked into the lab, and I said "Coffee Whisperer, let's taste some Mocha Java, Leftist, and Burundi, and we can share this wealth with our public!" The Coffee Whisperer agreed, and began to set up what's called a cupping. We went through all the mechanical steps with the magical beans, and soon it was undeniable that what we were indeed surrounded by was magic.
Dose, grind, dry aroma, wet aroma, break the crust, more aroma, taste, taste, and taste! Did I mention we tasted? It was a process so scientific that even the Pythagorean Theorem was jealous. Mocha Java had hidden chocolate covered blueberries, and Burundi was bright as the sun, tasting of lemon drops and sprinkled with butterscotch. Leftist was classic as always, a smoky sky with sun showers of citrus bursting through! Ohhhh, it was an afternoon that went down in coffee history, and it will not soon be forgotten. The Coffee Whisperer and Hero Wizard were brave that day, and shared a majestic world with the public. Behold!
Lab Series are held every Wednesday at 3pm at Gimme! Coffee Roebling Street, Brooklyn.