A Central American Adventure

A Central American Adventure
September 13
By sarah_leslie


Above, Aida Batlle inspects a bed of coffee cherries undergoing processing.

The mornings are getting cooler, the sun is setting a little earlier, and Labor Day festivities signal that Fall is just around the corner. Fall, for many reasons, always brings to mind the harvest. As a nation, we celebrate the harvest in November, but we are starting the celebration early this year at Gimme! with a crop of great coffees from all over Central America. We have two delicious coffees each from each of three Central American coffee-producing countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.


Above, Juan Francisco Pira surveys the nursery at Finca La Providencia de Atitlán. The volcanic mountains of Central America are the ideal spot to grow high-quality coffee. The soil around these volcanoes is extremely mineral-rich and contributes these minerals to the coffee. Several of our Central American coffees are grown on the slopes of volcanoes. In Guatemala around Lake Atitlán, a lake formed in the crater of a collapsed volcano, Juan Francisco Pira has been working to revitalize La Providencia de Atitlán. In El Salvador, Aida Battle is working with the Hill family at Beneficio Las Tres Puertas to do the same thing to their farms on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano. Tablón Ocho and Guachipilin are from two farms that are part of this revitalization program and carry the prestigious title of Aida Batlle Select.

In Honduras, coffee farmers like Joel Gúzman and Jorge Arturo BenÃtez Miranda are always looking for ways to stay on the cutting edge of coffee cultivation. Our Director of Coffee, Colleen, met them both through the Cup of Excellence competition and we've been consistently impressed with the excellent coffee they grow.


For Joel Gúzman at Finca Linda Vista, one of the biggest challenges he faces is getting his coffee from the trees on the slope of a steep mountain-side to his mill at the bottom. The slope is too intense for vehicles or mules, so Joel built a pipeline that transports the harvested cherries from the hands of his pickers straight to the mill. Growing excellent coffee is hard work, but now it's a little bit easier at Linda Vista because of Joel's innovative approach.

Jorge Arturo BenÃtez Miranda has been working on coffee farms since he was a young boy. His father, Natividad, has won the Honduras Cup of Excellence in the past, so Jorge has big shoes to fill. Now in his early twenties, Jorge is already an experienced coffee farmer, but he is interested learning more about how manage farms at high altitude with cool temperatures and lots of rain. Jorge is ready to carry the torch for the next generation of coffee farmers in Honduras. We are so pleased to be able to work with him. His ambition inspires us.

We are excited to offer you these coffees because they delicious! So much more so because they are grown and processed by people who are looking for ways to increase the quality of life in their communities as well as the quality of their coffee. We admire and share their values.

In addition to brewing at home, here are all the different ways you can enjoy a Central American Adventure at one of our cafes:


And, of course, all of these options are available as whole bean on our retail shelves and through our website. We look forward to celebrating Fall and the amazing fruits of the harvest across Central America with you!