Myanmar Green Land Estate

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Tasting Notes:
dried fig, candied ginger, lemon custard, black tea
shade grown

Green Land Estate is owned and operated by U Sai Wan Maing, a key member of the Mandalay Coffee Group. U Sai Wan has earned a reputation for being forward thinking and it is shown in the beautiful coffee he produces. Grown under well organized rows of silver oak and processed in a mill so pristine our importer says "You could eat lunch off the drying beds." This lot from Green Land Estate is delicate, complex and wonderfully sweet and clearly the result of an immense labor of love! 

Farm: Green Land Estate
Farmer: U Sai Wan Maing
Cooperative: Mandalay Coffee Group

Altitude: 1,150 masl
Variety: S 795, SL 34, Costa Rica
Region: Mandalay
Photos by: Atlas Coffee Importers

Shade Grown: Yes