Honduras Sagastume (Fairtrade Organic)

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Tasting Notes:
peach ring candy, caramel, raspberry sorbet, toasted sugar
fairtrade organic

The El Cielito cooperative formed in partnership with our long term exporting partners, Beneficio San Vicente, in 2012, one of the worst years on record for farmers in Honduras due to a devastating coffee plant disease that was exacerbated by extremely low market prices. 83 farming families formed El Cielito to find new markets for their coffee and provide technical assistance to members. The Sagastume family, with their 7 family farms, have been a part of the El Cielito cooperative since its inception. This lot is a blend from 5 of those farms.

Cooperative: El Cielito
Familia: Sagastume
Region: Santa Bárbara
Altitude: 1,350 - 1,650 meters above sea level
Variety: Mainly Pacas and Parainema
Process: Washed

Fair Trade: Yes
Organic: Yes

Shade Grown: Yes