Honduras Las Peñitas

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Tasting notes:
complex red fruit, milk chocolate, supple and juicy
direct source relationship

This is our seventh year working with Jorge Benitez and his farm, Las Peñitas. Our baristas always love the return of this coffee, and this year there's a little extra excitement, as Jorge won second place in this year's Cup of excellence in Honduras. Following in the steps of his father Natividad, we are thrilled to see Jorge receive recognition for this beautiful coffee. We hope you enjoy!

Jorge has been managing Las Peñitas since 2008, and he has shown tremendous dedication to maintaining the high standards set by his father, Natividad, winner of a 2005 Cup of Excellence award. While Jorge and his family do a majority of the work at Las Peñitas at the beginning and end of harvest season, they do employ pickers to help during the busiest portions of the season. We are consistently impressed with the quality from Jorge and his family, and we hope you are too

Producer: Jorge Benítez
Farm: Las Peñitas
Length of Partnership: 7 years
Mill: Beneficio San Vicente
City: El Ocotillo
Region: Santa Barbara
Country: Honduras

Jorge has recently expanded his small farm to include newly planted trees. Among the older pacas trees, Jorge has planted typica trees, trimming back his pacas trees to continue producing beautiful coffee. Jorge does all wet processing on-site at Las Peñitas before sending his coffee to Beneficio San Vicente for milling and exporting. Beneficio San Vicente provides a critical service by buying the washed coffee at a set price, then drying and selling the coffee ready for export. Along with this set price, Jorge receives additional premiums for his exceptional quality.

Altitude: 1,850 masl
Variety: Pacas
Process: Washed, fermented and sun-dried
Farm Size: 1.5 hectares

Direct Trade Relationship: 7-year relationship with Las Peñitas
Shade Grown: Yes