Guatemala La Bolsa Cascara

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Tasting Notes:
Peach, strawberry & cherry fruit medley, hints of citrus & a delicate jasmine finish
coffee cherry tea, shade grown
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We have been working with Maria Elena & Renardo Ovalle Vides' Finca La Bolsa in Guatamela for 3 years now. We are super excited to not only have coffee from the Vides' this year, but also their dried coffee cherries, known as cascara!

The dried fruit of the coffee cherry, known as cascara, makes a delicious tea. 
Add 16g cascara to a loose leaf teabag and steep in 400g water just off-boil for 4 mins. For a more delicate brew, use 12g cascara; for a more fruity brew, use up to 20g cascara.

Our summer time obsession: Cold Brewed Cascara
Stay cool with this refreshingly fruity iced cascara tea!

• Place 6.6oz (187g) of cascara in a large container (one gallon or larger)
• Add 128oz (1 gallon) filtered* water, stir
• Let sit for 12 hours, strain
• Chill and serve with ice

Pro Tip: For a crisp, lemon-noted iced tea, use distilled water.
Keep Cascara fresh by storing it in a well-sealed container, in a cool, dry place.

Farm Managers: Maria Elena & Renardo Ovalle Vides
City: La Libertad
Region: Huehuetenango
Country: Guatemala
Harvest Period: December - March
Altitude: 1,200 - 1,500 masl
Farm Size: 19.5 acres
Direct Trade Relationship: 3-year relationship with Finca La Bolsa
Shade Grown: Yes