Ethiopia Dame Dabaya

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Tasting Notes::
dark chocolate, malbec, turkish apricot, cocoa powder
natural process

This naturally processed coffee comes from the Dame Dabaya washing station in the Guji zone. Naturally processed coffees are dried right in the ripe cherry after it's been picked, resulting in a syrupy body from the extra sugars and strong red fruit flavors from the skin of the fruit. Drying on raised beds allows lots of airflow which helps create a clean cup and flavors that last. (see more information on natural process below) This lot is syrupy chocolate & complex fruit juice from start to finish. Enjoy! 

MILL OWNER Sibu Coffee
WASHING STATION Dame Dabaya Washing Station V
ARIETY Typica 
ALTITUDE 1,800 meters above sea level 
PROCESS Natural, dried on raised beds 
REGION Guji Zone, Hambela Wamena District

Shade Grown: Yes

What is natural process coffee?
Coffee, as we know it, is actually a seed from a cherry. There are many methods to removing these seeds from the cherries, and Natural Process coffee is the original way of processing coffee at origin. Selecting only ripe cherries, the coffee is harvested from the trees (technically, shrubs) and sorted onto raised drying beds and left to dry with all of the fruit intact. As the cherries begin to dry, the fruit sugars become concentrated and begin to ferment around the seeds (what we know as the beans). The seeds absorb the natural fruit sugars as the fruit dries. Once the cherries are dried to a hard shell that can be cracked open, the seeds are hulled away from the dry skin and are ready to be shipped! 

This way of processing produces a layered-fruit complexity with unmatched sweetness in the cup. There have been coffees that taste like fruit juice or tropical fruit salad when well processed. Natural Process coffees are the coffee that gets the average coffee drinker excited about coffee in a different way. 

This process seems easy, but is very difficult to do well. It is the most successful in areas of the world that have a defined “dry season”, as humidity and other environmental factors can prevent the cherries from drying properly. However, in these areas where there is moisture present, mechanical dryers can help aid this process.  Because natural process uses little to no water, some could say it is environmentally conscious to support farmers who choose to produce natural coffees. It also requires intense dedication, attention to detail, and extraneous hours of labor from the amazing people that grow and harvest the coffee. Which is what makes our job of finding beautiful coffee, revealing it in the roast, and proving it the cup so great!