Duncan's French Press Brew Kit (Cold Brew)

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A brew kit including a Bodum Chambord French Press and a 12oz bag of Stargazer whole bean coffee. Duncan, our Wholesale Education and Sales Associate, put this brew kit together. He says:

I drink cold brew all year round. Like, end-of-January, single-digit temperature kind of all year round. Now, while nothing compares to the cold brew made by a professional, sometimes I don’t want to walk to a coffee shop in those end-of-January, single-digit temperatures. That’s when I turn to my trusty old French Press. Upon realization that one could make delicious, full and clean iced coffee in what is an oft-lamented brew device, the game changed completely. A little grinding of the Stargazer blend and then it’s literally a just-add-water situation. What you get 12 hours later is a cold brew concentrate that brings just enough brightness from our washed Ethiopia to match the body of the velvety Peru. And it’s right there, when I wake up, when I’m in my PJs and slippies. I can mock old man winter from the comfort of my living room, sipping my fresh, cold, go-juice in a room so warm that I’ll curse my utility bill in a month.


Organic: Yes