Direct Relationship

  • Burundi coffee farm at dusk with coffee plants in the foreground, glowing farm building with lights on in the distance and forested mountains with sky in the far distance.

    Burundi Long Miles Coffee Project

    This is our fifth year working with Long Miles Coffee Project. Each year we look forward to their coffee more and more! Ben and Kristy Carlson have a partnership with all the LMCP families, producing high quality coffee, and earning farmers high premiums...

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  • Blue sky white clouds man sitting on back of truck taking pictures with phone

    Honduras Capucas

    We've been working with COCAFCAL for six years and it's been amazing to watch them flourish! They are constantly reinvesting in the cooperative and its members, as well as the community, by providing health care clinic services, education, and...

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  • Jorge Benitez, owner of the Las Penitas farm, standing in front of his farmland

    Honduras Las Peñitas

    We've been working with Jorge for eight years now, after meeting at a Cup of Excellence (COE) where his father, Natividad, placed first. When I first met Jorge in 2016, he pointed to a corner in his office and said that's where his COE trophy is going to...

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  • close-up of two hands scooping un-roasted coffee beans

    Peru Rutas del Inca

    This is our first year working with the Rutas del Inca Cooperative. They've only been in production for three short years, but they're off to a running start. Luckily, they've been able to take advantage of the strong infrastructure system already in...

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  • Omar standing in by a tall tree on his coffee farm looking off in distance

    Colombia Finca San Luis Gran Reserve

    We've been working with the Arango family, at Finca San Luis for nine years! Omar's sister, Patricia, joined Omar with coffee production in 2015. The Gran Reserve is the highest quality coffee their farm produces and we are honored to have exclusive...

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  • Close-up of the wheels of a coffee mill

    Colombia La Primavera Decaf

    This is not your traditional decaf. We approve the green coffee before it is decaffeinated to ensure that it is above specialty grade and free of defects. Caffeine is removed with a sugarcane molasses solvent to keep the coffee tasting like coffee. Best...

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