Direct Relationship

  • Image of Ben Carlson, owner of Long Miles Coffee, standing among coffee trees and looking up at something out of frame.

    Burundi Long Miles Coffee Project

    This is our fourth year working with the Long Miles Coffee Project, founded by Ben and Kristy Carlson. They’ve slowly gained the trust of coffee farmers with their reputable business practices and unwavering vision to show the world the potential...

  • Jorge Benitez, owner of the Las Penitas farm, standing in front of his farmland

    Honduras Las PeƱitas

    This is our seventh year working with Jorge Benitez and his farm, Las Peñitas. Our baristas always love the return of this coffee, and this year there's a little extra excitement, as Jorge won second place in this year's Cup of excellence in...

  • Two Gimme-branded 12oz bags of coffee with three black & white Gimme branded boxes with undulating lines pattern.

    Relationship Coffees Gift Box

    Our limited edition relationship Gift Box designed by Gimme barista Caleb Harrington. Includes two very special Relationship coffees that we love! Peru Chirinos and Honduras Las Peñitas. This limited edition gift box is sure to make any coffee...

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  • Colombia Finca San Luis Gran Reserve

    Colombia Finca San Luis Gran Reserve

    We've been working with Omar Arango for eight years. Since purchasing our first lot, Omar’s farm has tripled in production while still maintaining superb quality. Omar’s Gran Reserve is the highest quality his farm produces and we are honored...

  • Colombia Finca San Luis La Gloria Organic

    Colombia Finca San Luis La Gloria Organic

    This is our eighth year working with Omar Arango. Omar has always been committed to heirloom typica varieties and organic production methods, even as other producers were switching to leaf rust resistant varieties. His farm has very little leaf rust,...

  • Close-up of the wheels of a coffee mill

    Colombia La Primavera Decaf

    This is not your traditional decaf. We approve the green coffee before it is decaffeinated to ensure that it is above specialty grade and free of defects. Caffeine is removed with a sugarcane molasses solvent to keep the coffee tasting like coffee. Best...

  • A black and white Gimme-branded tin of Cascara against a white background.

    Guatemala La Bolsa Cascara

    We have been working with Maria Elena & Renardo Ovalle Vides' Finca La Bolsa in Guatamela for 3 years now. We are super excited to not only have coffee from the Vides' this year, but also their dried coffee cherries, known as cascara!The dried fruit...

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