"Cultivate” Relationship Coffee Gift Box

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Cultivate Direct Trade Relationships

This year our Relationship Coffee Gift Box includes two very special relationship coffees that we love! Guatemala Guaya'b and Honduras Las Peñitas. Packaged in limited edition Coffee Tropics design, a vibrant print of coffee branches & blossoms. This limited edition gift box is sure to brighten the dark winter nights and warm the cold winter days of any coffee connoisseur! 

Guatemala Guaya'b: This is our 9th year working with the Guaya'b Cooperative in Huehuetenango. Guatemalan coffees have a wide range of cup profiles, with coffee from Huehuetenango having a full, chocolaty body with complex stone fruit acidity. Two years ago Guaya'b set up its own cupping lab, making it possible to evaluate all lots at the cooperative, giving them more control over quality and pricing.

Honduras Las Peñitas: Gimme has been working with Jorge Benitez, of Las Peñitas, for eight years after meeting at a Cup of Excellence (COE) where his father, Natividad, placed first. When I first met Jorge in 2016, he pointed to a corner in his office and said that's where his COE trophy is going to go. The following year he entered part of his harvest into the COE for the first time, taking second place. Personally, I find each coffee has one flavor experience that helps me identify it. With Jorge's, it's how the cream interacts with cherry. This year, the cream feels rich and caramelly – like buttercream. What's particularly impressive about this year's harvest is the level of complexity and sweetness considering his farm was hit with leaf rust, resulting in about half of his typical output. Leaf rust can create a flat cup, which is just as costly as a loss of volume. We're committed to supporting Jorge harvest after harvest, but he makes it easy by producing lovely lots year after year. – Liz Clark, Director of Coffee


  • One 12oz bag of Guatemala Guaya'b 
  • One 12oz bag of Honduras Las Peñitas
  • Whole bean coffee
  • Comes in a limited edition holiday box Coffee Tropics design
  • In the event of a return, price will be refunded to purchaser