Costa Rica Black Honey Process

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Tasting Notes::
black tahini, kiwi, plum syrup, green apple
finca la pastora

When an earthquake in Costa Rica in 2008 created water shortage, it lead producers to adopt processing techniques from Africa & Brazil that don't require water. This spirit for innovation helped develop honey processing. The black honey process involves removing the skin of the coffee cherry while leaving the full amount of mucilage intact. The slow drying process helps develop deep condensed fruit and spiced cocoa notes that accent the full, syrupy body.

FARM Finca La Pastora
REGION Tarrazu, Santa Maria de Dota
VARIETY Caturra, Yellow & Red Catuai, Typica, Geisha
ALTITUDE 1,700 - 2,000 meters above sea level
PROCESS Black honey
SHADE Poro, avocado, cedar, dama & various fruit trees

Shade Grown: Yes