Colombia La Primavera Decaf

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Tasting Notes:
rich and dense like sweet bread, cocoa, currant, brown sugar
direct trade relationship

This is not your traditional decaf. We approve the green coffee before it is decaffeinated to ensure that it is above specialty grade and free of defects. Caffeine is removed with a sugarcane molasses solvent to keep the coffee tasting like coffee. Best of all? It's a Colombian coffee processed in Colombia, reducing it's carbon footprint.

This coffee comes from DESCAFECOL, a decaffeination plant in Colombia that uses a sugarcane molasses solvent to decaffeinate their coffees. This sugarcane molasses solvent not only decaffeinates the coffee, but it also helps instill a silky brown sugar quality that is present from beginning to end.
City: Manizales
Region: Caldas
Country: Colombia

Shade Grown: Yes