Colombia Finca San Luis La Gloria

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Tasting Notes:
wild strawberry, black cherry, tropical fruit, watermelon
Sustainability Notes:
direct source relationship, organic

This is our eighth year working with Omar Arango. Omar has always been committed to heirloom typica varieties and organic production methods, even as other producers were switching to leaf rust resistant varieties. His farm has very little leaf rust, which he attributes to the high altitude, unique microbial soil composition, and airy spacing between plants. The combination of Tolima’s terroir and typica variety brings heavy florals and fruit, with a full sweet body to the cup. You'll find this coffee bursting with sweet tropical fruit and incredible balance.

We are happy to have been working closely with Omar Arango for the last eight years, and we have found that he has an extreme dedication to quality similar to our own. Omar is constantly working to optimize both his agronomic and business practices. For instance, he employs up to 91 pickers, and pays them by the day rather than by the amount of coffee they pick - this not only helps provide a consistent wage for his employees, both men and women, but it also reinforces his commitment to quality by removing the incentive to pick unripe cherries. We can't express how excited we are to be on this journey with Omar and Finca San Luis - we hope you are excited as well!
Producer: Omar Arango
Farm: Finca San Luis
Farm Workers: 91
Mill: Milled on site at Finca San Luis
City: Libano
Region: Tolima
Country: Colombia
Harvest Period: Year-round
Altitude: 1,700 masl
Variety: Typica
Process: Washed, dried on raised beds
Farm Size: 46 hectares

Omar runs one of the best USDA Organic certified farms in all of Colombia. In recent years, coffee rust has been a large problem for producers throughout Central America - in Colombia, a number of producers have moved towards planting rust-resistant varieties that are highly productive such as Caturra and Catuai. Omar, on the other hand, has committed to the more delicious (but fragile) heirloom varieties. In order to nurture these plants, Omar has chosen organic production methods and shade growth. His methods preserve biodiversity and promote plant health.
Direct Trade Relationship: 8 year relationship with Finca San Luis
Shade Grown: Yes