Colombia Finca Alto Cielo

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Tasting Notes::
rainier cherry, golden strawberry, chocolate transcendence
direct trade relationship

This is our second year working with Faiber Chala. After only a couple weeks of having his coffee in-house we got in touch about his next lot. He offered us his entire harvest, and we took him up on his offer. We're pretty excited to share this coffee from Finca Alto Cielo, located on the border of Huila and Tolima.

COOPERATIVE: Cadefihuila
FARM: Finca Alto Cielo (High Heaven Farm)
PRODUCER: Faiber Chala

REGION: Huila, Planadas
ALTITUDE: 1,700 meters above sea level
VARIETY: Caturro, Castillo, Colombia
PROCESS: Washed"

2-year direct trade relationship 
Shade Grown: Yes