Base Layer

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Tasting Notes:
coffee toffee, brown sugar, baking spice, cranberry cobbler
shade grown

From the moment you wake up on a cold winter morning until you first step into the cold frigid air, every winter day begins with a base layer. Like your first moments fireside, your favorite sweatshirt or old tattered flannel, sometimes a warm cup of coffee is your first refuge from the harsh realities of winter. Base Layer begins with comforting notes of brown sugar and baking spice and slowly layers in subtle hints of dried fruit and toffee. This comforting blend is a perfect way to build the foundation for a winter day!

Each of our blends starts with a flavor idea. Our coffee team takes this idea into the cupping room, where they combine our rotating stock of fresh crop single-origin coffees and our roasters' expertise to build a unique blend that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Brew Notes
Great with any brew method!

Shade grown: Yes